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Ala Kukui supports the preservation and development of traditional cultural practices among the community in East Maui. Through these practices we honor the land and pursue a higher consciousness of our environment.

Throughout the year we offer cultural classes and workshops, bringing together members of the community to teach, learn and share. Our community offerings include:

  • Hula: ancient Hawaiian dance
  • Kālua: cooking in an Imu, a traditional underground oven
  • Hana No’eau: native crafts and practices including lauhala weaving, lei making, cordage making, carving, printing, and instrument making and playing
  • Hāna Kū: chefs and native gatherers collaboration
  • Musical Performances

Retreat guests are invited to join the local community in participating in any cultural activities at Ala Kukui. Please contact us to learn how to make these offerings a part of your retreat experience.