Noenoe Nights + Noenoe Tita’s Noho ā Kupa Day-Retreat

Noenoe Ua Kea is the name of the light misty rain that moistens the skin and makes supple the fallen lauhala. It floats in on the Mālualua breeze and clings to Pu‘u o Ka‘uiki, regenerating the waters of Kapueokahi and rejuvenating all of its life forms. Native to Hāna, Noenoe Ua Kea exudes regeneration, grace, beauty and perseverance; qualities we acknowledge and know to be innate in all wāhine.

Noenoe Nights is a quarterly program that celebrates the wāhine as a reflection of our environment. In an evening of learning and creating, our community’s collective of wāhine are able to connect with themselves and others in a safe space. The 2021 program revamp brought to life our Noenoe Tita’s Noho ā Kupa Day-Retreat. In this day-retreat, our Noenoe Titas dive deeper into their personal wellbeing and connections with others.

Noenoe Tita’s Noho ā Kupa Day-Retreat dates will be posted soon.