Ala Kukui is a place of authentic experience; a firmly rooted community-based organization. We support Hāna’s cultural practitioners to push their craft forward and elevate the cultural capacity of our community. We are the bridge that connects cultural practitioners with one another in a safe environment, creating opportunities for real learning and growth.

We invite retreat guests to experience a depth of culture that is normally inaccessible to the malihini (visitor) and even some kama’āina (locals). Our property and facilities create the perfect environment for groups to host their own retreats. Ala Kukui is a puʻuhonua, a refuge that brings guests into the practitioners circle on the practitioners’ terms, meaning we never compromise the integrity of the craft. In this way, Malihini are introduced to a truly authentic cultural experience that is rich beyond measure.

Ala Kukui’s secluded landscapes makes it a prime location for many different types of retreat. Inquire today about hosting your own retreat here at Ala Kukui.

Upcoming Retreat Packages

Below is a menu of upcoming retreats centered around local events and workshops. Immerse yourself in the local culture! Contact us today to book!

Download the menu here.

Custom Retreat

Ala Kukui offers a variety of services to add to your retreat. Our Retreats Coordinator is happy to assist with these additions.

Services available include:

  • Hana-to-Table Catering
  • Hawaiian Cultural Workshops and Activities
  • Wellness Therapies

Contact us today for a full list of offerings.