Ala Kukui is a place of authentic experience; a firmly rooted community-based organization. We support Hāna’s cultural practitioners to push their craft forward and elevate the cultural capacity of our community. We are the bridge that connects cultural practitioners with one another in a safe environment, creating opportunities for real learning and growth.

We invite retreat guests to experience a depth of culture that is normally inaccessible to the malihini (visitor) and even some kama’āina (locals). Ala Kukui is a puʻuhonua, a refuge that brings guests into the practitioners circle on the practitioners’ terms, meaning we never compromise the integrity of the craft. In this way, Malihini are introduced to a truly authentic cultural experience that is rich beyond measure.

Wellness Retreat

Family & Friends Retreat

Corporate Retreat

Educational Retreat

Hula Retreat

Hula is the sinew of our cultural fabric. It is a reflection of life, it is life, it is our continuum. Immerse yourself in this craft that speaks to the spiritual, the intellectual and the physical being in each of us.

All three facets of this discipline are explored in a retreat that will elevate your understanding of true connection to this particular land and deepen your appreciation for the interdependence we all experience in this world.


  • Oli or chant is the reverberation of the human voice that connects to the frequencies of the earth, seen and unseen
  • Feeding the kuahu or sacred altar is the acknowledgment and covenant of the reciprocating exchange of energies between human and god
  • Moolelo or story and myth are vessels of reflection for life cycles and ultimate divinity


  • In the Hawaiian worldview the universe is interconnected and you are at the center of the web of relationships; keen knowledge of correlation is imperative to thrive
  • The ability to self assess empowers one to create an environment of continuous refinement and honing; striving for the divine
  • Discipline tempers the human tendency of abandonment; it trains the ego to make way for higher powers to engage


  • Haki kino or the breaking of the body refers to the breaking of the ego in order to open up the self to becoming the vessel of the divine
  • Hula is the physicality of the body in motion in time and space creating a dialogue of energy-movement with the environment
  • ʻAʻahu (costume) is the tactile actions of gathering, lei making, garb creating or instrument making that formalize the mundane and forges a language between human and non-human entity

Veterans Retreat

Ala Kukui sponsors an annual retreat for veterans. These retreats allow participants to find support in one another and reconnection with the natural world. Our aim is to help veterans to find peace in our safe space and achieve a healthy transition back into their communities following their service. Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in joining an upcoming veterans retreat.

Custom Retreat

Ala Kukui offers personalized retreat packages that can be adapted to your needs. Our staff, along with local practitioners can provide individualized services or full retreat programs.


Services available include:

  • Farm to table catering
  • Nutrition and culinary education
  • Hawaiian cultural classes
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Massage therapy
  • Ayurvedic consultations
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Life coaching
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Film screenings
  • Event coordination
  • Professional photography