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Ala Kukui offers an ideal location for weddings family gatherings, company events and other celebrations. Our facilities include light-filled indoor gathering spaces and beautiful outdoor areas. Please contact us to discuss how we can help bring your event to life.

We recommend the following local wedding planners and coordinators:

Hana Wedding Co.




Hana is a hidden gem, the old Hawaii pictured when planning a tropical destination wedding. Located on Maui’s eastern coast, Hana boasts the most breathtaking backdrops of lush jungles, sky high waterfalls and world famous beaches. Isolated at the end of the long and windy Hana highway, upon arrival you instantly feel that you have journeyed to a land of ancient and magical traditions. Remote and romantic, full of music and mystique, Hana is detached from the hustle n’ bustle of city life. There is a sense of timelessness here, where the Aloha spirit is abundant, exotic fruit grows wild and the scenery leaves you breathless.

At Hana Wedding Company, we specialize in designing unforgettable moments set to spectacular views.  With an attentive eye to detail and an honest love of what we do, we make each wedding a beautiful experience. Planning a wedding is a collaborative affair and our team of talented wedding artists work together to make your wedding memorable.  Each professional is passionate about their craft, bringing warmth and Aloha to every wedding.

White Orchid Weddings





At WOW and POW we pride ourselves on offering custom wedding celebrations, both intimate to elaborate. Our mpassion is for you to see and feel your special day in a way that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. We work with local vendors and product offerings to support the community of Hana and love to share the true essence of Hawai’i with our clientele. Whether it be a mfarm to table culinary experience with a local chef or hand pick tropical florals from our island mdesigners, we make it our priority to provide the true island experience that Hawai’i is all about. We mare passionate about our vision and having Ala Kukui as our canvas is certianly an artists dream come true! In addition to full service wedding and event planning, WOW and POW will provide private transportation to Hana, in room amenities, spa services, activities and entertainment in maddition to the many luxuries desired to make your stay most comfortable. We hope you will choose Ala Kukui to experience your special day with us.